Couch 2 CrossFit

6 Week Challenge

Start Date November 08, 2017
One Time Amount $289.95
Expires: 6 weeks
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Notice: This membership will start on November 08, 2017, but you will be billed today to reserve a spot

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Couch 2 CrossFit is a Six Week Challenge program that focuses on exercise, nutrition, and teamwork to get people moving around and having fun! Our C2CF program is for those with no prior CrossFit experience who are ready to get started in a group setting. It is a prerequisite for taking CrossFit classes. C2CF movements will be covered in addition to specific lecture material. Emphasis will be placed on correct and safe movement patterns and scaling options so that newcomers feel prepared to join CrossFit classes with confidence. You will meet 3X’s a week for the first 4 weeks, followed by two weeks of unlimited access to our regular CrossFit classes.

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